Who are we?

Red Aid exists to organize defense of political prisoners, and those who could potentially become political prisoners in the U.S. due to being targeted by the state. Political prisoners are people who are imprisoned for their political beliefs and the threats they pose to the existing system. Every progressive mass movement of people that seeks to create a more equal society has been met with repression, and those people should not be forgotten and deserve to be supported. When people take actions that benefit the people or express the justified anger of the people, the state criminalizes them and prosecutes them harshly.

What do we do?

+ Support people who have been arrested at protests

+ Connect with lawyers for legal support for activists

+ Fundraise for the legal and personal expenses that come with state repression

+ Build relationships with other organizations to help create broader support for people arrested for their political activity in Austin, and in other cities across the US, and we hope to build broader support for political prisoners internationally.

How can I help?

Send us an email at info@red-aid.net if you want to get involved! Donate to our cash app at $redaid1