Day of Aid for Political Prisoners celebrated in Austin

On Thursday, March 18th, Red Aid hosted an event in celebration of International Day of Aid for Political Prisoners. Day of Aid is a historic holiday that’s been celebrated for the past 99 years, one that’s rich with internationalism and ever-increasing unity among the oppressed people of the world. Through this event, Red Aid got the opportunity to build national unity with comrades from Minneapolis who do similar work for political prisoners.

The highlight of Day of Aid was the Q&A portion with our comrade Traia, a representative from Minnesota Uprising Arrestee Support (MUAS). MUAS has done incredible work supporting potential political prisoners in Minneapolis. In the wake of the 2020 economic depression and pandemic, Minneapolis was the first city where the people rose up in defiance of their worsening conditions, including the looming threat of police violence that ravages our communities. The people of Minneapolis inspired the entire country to confront this racist system after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. We talked to Traia about what it was like on the ground at the beginning of the Uprisings, along with the conditions they face in Minneapolis, and what keeps her going to do this important work.

On display at the event were an array of portraits of political prisoners from the world over, including Varavara Rao and Abimael Guzman. We got help from attendees with writing letters of solidarity for U.S. political prisoners from the May Uprisings. We also worked with MUAS to fundraise in order to support their work and the numerous arrestees that depend on them. In total, we raised $700 to support people facing repression in Minneapolis and Austin. Red Aid premiered our video about Day of Aid for Political Prisoners, which you can watch above.

We want to thank everyone who showed out at our event, along with everyone who made this event happen! We want to give a special thanks to Traia for coming down to Austin from Minneapolis to celebrate this incredible holiday with us. Red Aid will continue to do our part in the international effort for mass support and defense for political prisoners, who risked their freedom to fight the imperialist system. If you want to fight for the dignity and freedom of those who fought for a better world, please reach out to us to get involved!