Red Aid and Drop the Charges campaign featured on Truthout

Ella Fassler interviewed the Drop the Charges coalition for Truthout which laid out the national coalition and the efforts of some of its member organizations, including Red Aid who founded the coalition.

We thank Ella for this article, which boosts not only the cases of those still facing repression, but also the efforts nationwide being put into fighting state repression!

As the article states and is evident within the last year, public support for arrestees and sustained, mass efforts to fight charges are the most effective means to actually get charged dropped.

The already-clogged court system is unable to handle this overwhelming number of cases, and thus relies on plea deals. Mass rejection of such plea deals then effectively bring the prosecution to a standstill. Without the efforts of organizations across the country, we likely would not have seen nearly as many cases dropped as we have so far.

Beyond our work as members of the Drop the Charges Coalition, Red Aid serves in aid and advocacy for those facing repression, both those who have been persecuted in the 2020 uprisings, and the political prisoners of the world. By connecting arrestees to resources such as jail support and legal defense, we are able to fight for all those who take the fight to the streets!

View the article on Truthout here: Activists Push for Charges to Be Dropped Against Demonstrators for Black Lives