Red Aid joins Palestine Solidarity Committee in Nakba Day protest

On Nakba Day 2021, Red Aid joined the Palestine Solidarity Committee at their protest at the Texas State Capitol. Nakba Day (“Day of Catastrophe”) commemorates the genocidal mass expulsion of Palestinians on the day that the state of Israel was officially created. Protesters demanded an end to the Zionist occupation of Palestine in the wake of Israel’s escalating reactionary violence against Palestinians, which they started in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Attendees celebrated the brave resistance of the Palestinian people, and responded with enthusiasm as Red Aid amplified the international call to free Palestinian political prisoners!

A Red Aid member gave a speech during the event on how essential it is to fight against the political repression of those who stand on the right side of history. Red Aid highlighted and echoed the international demand that France release political prisoner Georges Abdallah. Georges Abdallah is a Lebanese freedom fighter for Palestinian liberation, who is also known as Europe’s oldest political prisoner. He has been kept in French prison for nearly 40 years. Despite qualifying for release over a decade ago, he remains in the shackles of the French state, and the U.S. government, threatened by what Georges Abdallah stands for, has played its part in ensuring that he’s denied his freedom. People around the world are pursuing the campaign for his freedom, and when our own government is aiding in the political repression of Palestine’s freedom fighters, we need to play our part by mobilizing mass support for these prisoners.

Portrait of Palestinian political prisoner Georges Abdallah at Austin rally (Source: Tribune of the People)

Many protesters recognized him and and chanted “Free Georges Abdallah!” after a member of Red Aid spoke about Abdallah’s story. Georges Abdallah is hailed as an unrelenting, fierce fighter for the Palestinian people who has not once wavered on his anti-imperialist politics during his decades-long incarceration. Red Aid pushed the demand for Georges Abdallah’s freedom at our Day of Aid for Political Prisoners as well, and will continue to do so.

The imperialist system that oppresses Palestinians and incarcerates freedom fighters like Georges is the same one that unleashes police violence on Black people in the U.S.. Protesters in the U.S. are facing state repression for making history and forcing the legal system’s hand with the conviction of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd. The Biden administration continues to pursue over 350 federal charges against protesters of police violence who were charged last summer by the Trump administration. Red Aid is leading the Drop the Charges coalition to demand the freedom of these protesters and thousands more across the country to have their charges dropped. The criminal justice system maintains its role in preserving this racist system by punishing those who took to the streets to confront it last summer.

The people of Palestine chanted George Floyd’s name in the wake of his murder, and have been avid supporters of the American fight for Black lives. Palestine Solidarity Committee is a part of the Drop the Charges coalition, who has been an enthusiastic member of the coalition since the beginning. We support Palestinian political prisoners just as much as we support people in the US who combatted racist police violence because they are united in fighting for a better world. With our work, we show the legal system and these oppressive states that our fighters have scores of supporters outside of their prison walls who will fight for them!

If you are interested in getting involved with Red Aid, please contact us! We appreciate Palestine Solidarity Committee for their ongoing support, and for fighting for Palestinian liberation.