Red Aid Signs onto Marvin Guy Coalition

Red Aid has signed on to the Marvin Guy Coalition in support of prisoner Marvin Guy, who has spent the last seven years incarcerated without trial. As part of the coalition, we are demanding that Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza drop Marvin’s charges and that he be released from jail.

In 2014, the Killeen Police Department entered Marvin’s house under a “no-knock warrant.” Marvin fired shots in self-defense when he saw someone break in through his window, after which a firefight ensued that killed one officer and left two injured. Though he acted in self-defense, Marvin now faces several felony charges, including capital murder of a peace officer, and has spent the past seven years awaiting trial, all while under the looming threat of a potential death sentence.

At the time of his arrest, officers pinned Marvin to the ground by kneeing on his spine, which has led him to develop a spinal condition alongside other medical complications. As if this weren’t enough, he also faces abuse within the jail itself, with guards at times intentionally skipping him during meal distribution.

In addition to signing onto the Marvin Guy Coalition, members of Red Aid attended a protest in support of Marvin Guy earlier this month. This protest was led by the Elmer Geronimo Pratt Gun Club and Grassroots Law Project, and also included an appearance from Guy through a video call with his brother.

As members of the coalition, we echo the demand to free Marvin Guy, and that acting in self-defense is not a crime! We encourage everyone to sign on in solidarity with Guy as he faces these heinous charges. We also encourage everyone to write to Marvin and let him know that he has support on the outside.

Sign the petition to free Marvin Guy

Write to Marvin Guy