Red Aid Supports Political Prisoner Eric King

Eric King is an anti-racist anarchist political prisoner who was arrested and charged for an alleged attempt to firebomb a government official’s office in Kansas City Missouri in 2014 during the Ferguson uprisings that were sparked by the murder of Mike Brown. He was initially sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, and had a release date set for 2023.

Throughout his incarceration, Eric has faced significant abuse from prison guards and has been targeted for his political beliefs. In 2018, Eric was tortured by prison officials as they interrogated him regarding an email they alleged he sent regarding the assault of a prison guard. The Bureau of Prisons is seeking to add 20 years to his sentence because of this incident.

The Civil Liberties Defense Center filed a federal civil rights suit on his behalf against the Bureau of Prisons and today, October 14, King has an evidentiary hearing in Denver, Colorado.

Eric’s lawyers state he was assaulted and forced to admit under torture that he hit back in self defense. Eric was then placed in a four point restraint device by prison guards who tied his legs and arms down for several hours. Guards covered Eric’s mouth so that he was unable to breathe at various points and cut off his clothes so that he was left only in his boxers in a pool of his own blood and urine. King’s lawyers state that several hours of footage of this torture was deleted.

This horrific abuse should not be ignored, even as the state attempts to hide it from the public. Public support for prisoners is critical as they face an uphill battle against a system that has already isolated them and deems them unworthy of sympathy or support. People like Eric face enhanced abuse in prison especially because of his anti-racist and anti-fascist beliefs, and was targeted specifically because of them.

Red Aid supports Eric King as he and his loved ones fight for justice against the prison system. Several people gathered in advance of his hearing in Austin, Texas to learn about his case and express support.

Unfortunately, many prisoners face abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the agency that is responsible for overseeing them, but political prisoners are extremely likely to face enhanced repression while incarcerated. Eric and other political prisoners in the United States and around the world face enhanced repression while serving prison sentences. We will not let these people be forgotten and we refuse to ignore the injustices that exist particularly within the US prison system that hurts millions of people.

Eric has been brave and outspoken against this racist system, and we will continue to support him and all people who fight for a better world. Follow Eric’s support team here to donate and find updates as his case progresses.