Video: Solidarity for Georges Abdallah

Portrait of Palestinian political prisoner Georges Abdallah at Austin rally (Source: Tribune of the People)

As part of an international week of action for political prisoner Georges Abdallah taking place from June 12th to June 19th, we came together with members of the Austin organization Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) to record a video demanding the release of Europe’s oldest political prisoner, Georges Abdallah. This action was one of many held across the world in solidarity with Abdallah, showing that the call for his release is one which spans the globe.

Georges Abdallah is a Lebanese political prisoner and fighter for Palestine. For over three decades he has been incarcerated by the French state, after being arrested in 1984 for allegedly carrying a forged passport. While his initial prison sentence was to last only four years, the French state further charged him with complicity in murder, after a weapon was found at an address associated with him. This weapon, the state claimed, belonged to Abdallah, and had been used in the assassination of prior US and Israeli military attaches in Paris. Since his qualifying for release in 1999, there have been nine parole requests, all refused, with the United States intervening each time to demand Abdallah’s continued incarceration. Seeing Abdallah’s anti-imperialist politics and his support for Palestinian liberation as a threat to its interests, the United States government has played a constant and active role in his continued repression.

Palestine Solidarity Committee is an organization based at the University of Texas at Austin, which unites around the fight for Palestinian liberation. In the protests and rallies in solidarity with Palestine which swept the world in May and June this year, PSC played an essential role in organizing a majority of the events in Austin, and have since continued to fight in in support for the end of the Israeli occupation. Currently, they are supporting a petition which seeks to put pressure on US politicians to demand Israel end the eviction of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem, where currently the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan is being demolished, and its over 30,000 residents threatened with eviction.

For over 50 years, the Israeli state has maintained an oppressive occupation of Palestine through means of violence and political suppression. In particular is Israel’s blockade of and attacks on Gaza, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands and widespread destruction across the Gaza strip. Throughout all this, the US has been heavily involved supporting Israel, be it through the sending of armaments, financial support, or through the repression of those who fight for Palestinian liberation.

As internationalists, we see the fight against state repression of political prisoners and the fight for a free Palestine as a united struggle, with fighters such as Georges Abdallah being some of the foremost political prisoners. As the fight for liberation continues, so too will the state’s repressive measures against dissident voices. We stand in solidarity with Georges Abdallah, and political prisoners of all nations!

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